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Use David Olds Fotografie to show your listings in the best possible light.

Panoramic Photography

In addition to traditional Real Estate photography, David Olds Fotografie is on the cutting edge of new technology that will show your listing in the best possible way.  For example, we can do a virtual tour that allows the viewer to navigate through the home and experience 360 degree panoramic photos of the room.  It is just like being there in person!  As the only Google trained and certified photographer in the Corpus Christi area, I have been offering similar service for some time for businesses. Now I am bringing similar technology and experience to the real estate market.  

Here is a short sample of what a Panoramic Tour would look like.  You can rotate the view and follow the hotspots or thumbnails to visit other rooms. 


Fly Through Video

We also offer "Fly Through" tours of the property.  This is a high quality video that the customer can view that shows the property as if they were walking through it.  It is not interactive like the panoramic tour, but is a beautiful way to offer attention grabbing photography of your listing.


Real Estate Marketing Video 1